March Director-y

This month, join Gary Raham for his presentation, “Wandering on the dinosaurs’ last seashore,” and enjoy a journey to an ancient Colorado that features dinosaurs, sea monsters, giant crocodiles, and some surprising creatures that helped transform their world into the Colorado we enjoy today. Learn how Raham’s fossil hunting adventures and his love of good writing inspired his graphic short story, “The Dinosaurs’ Last Seashore.” See amazing fossils and some of the original art created for the work. Books available for purchase at $9.50 each.

Belated February Director-y

We continue the year in a literary vein with Ed Bryant as our February speaker.

January Directory

I’m kicking off my second term (this time around) as director with a great program. Award-winning fantasy author Carol Berg will begin her Soul Mirror book launch with an appearance at DASFA (we get her even before Tattered Cover!), The Soul Mirror is the sequel to The Spirit Lens. The Collegia Magica trilogy will conclude in 2012 with The Daemon Prism.

First Look at Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Well, it seems that BBC Four is doing an adapatation of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, and there's a teaser now available out on the web:

December Director-y

Our December meeting will be the annual and traditional Christmas Orgy, once again hosted by Bruce and Sandy in their palatial and art-filled party pad. I’m already contemplating what to make and bring to our yearly culinary blowout…I may also bring a game or two.

Looks like I’ll be directing for one more year. I don’t know yet what the January program will be but hope to get started lining up things by the beginning of the year (or earlier, if I get the holiday/time continuum under control).

Past/Upcoming Parties & Plans

The New Kid

So, the Penny Arcade guys are playing with expectations again. Usually they do a three panel strip poking fun at something to do with gaming - and usually it's video gaming - but this doesn't stop them from taking a side trek into Scifi, such as with

  1. Automata,
  2. Automata, Page 2
  3. Page 3
  4. Page 4

Local Artist & Writer Laura Givens Reviewed by AllPulp

Our local artist, writer, and friend was recently reviewed by AllPulp blog, and you can read about it here:

There's also a gallery of her work there at

October 2010 Director-y

Our October meeting will feature Six-Guns Straight from Hell Laura Givens, who will talk about her involvement with the anthology in her triplicate role as co-editor, contributor and art director. It’s a busy life!

There will also be a preview of MileHiCon programming … it’s coming up fast! … and quick discussion of plans for the DAFA con suite sponsorship.

I currently have no idea what the November program will consist of other than looking for nominations for next year’s officers. Be thinking about whether this is the year YOU step up to help run the club and keep it going!

When the Yogurt Took Over: A Short Story by John Scalzi

An amusing story about intelligent Yogurt, written by John Scalzi.

September 2010 Director-y

Our September meeting will feature the musical stylings ….wait a minute—the comedic prowess … true, but not really relevant. Let’s try again.