April 2012 Director-y

For the April meeting, we will be welcoming Wil McCarthy, who will read from his latest writing project and perhaps field questions on some of his other endeavors.

The March Dead Dog at our place went fairly well with a good turnout. I unfortunately did not make the April Movie Alternate as I was still recovering from the sprint at work to launch the YSL exhibition... but I trust it was mazing as always!

AnomalyCon 2 was fun; Dave and I were there much of Saturday for programming— Bartitsu! Unwoman, Pandora Celtical and BB Black Dog—with steampunk bellydancers!) The costume contest! And several panels!

I have put feelers out about a group discount to Robot the Rock Musical … I hope to be able to say one way or the other at the meeting and get a firm head count of people interested in it as the May alternate.

Yours in fandom,