August 2012 DASFA Director-y

Since we will be having the picnic this month, there is no program.

Looking back, the July meeting and program went well. Travis let us vote on which story he would read, and the leprechaun assassin (with accent) won. I enjoyed it, and hope he brings the character back for another appearance … maybe a prequel. The Dead Dog wasn’t huge, but Travis and Chanel joined us and there was lively conversation, pizza and cheese.

I attended the last part of Paul’s August alternate … pool, conversation and cheese.

The August picnic is set for Cherry Knolls Park (near Arapahoe & University) on August 18 from noon to 5 pm, with a Dead Dog afterwards at Alastair Mayer’s in Centennial. (See maps elsewhere in DASFAx.)

Our illustrious Director of Vice asked about a badminton set … anyone have one? I’m more a Frisbee gal myself and will plan to bring one or two. Because of work and spousal commitments, I will be arriving a bit late to the picnic and if I make the Dead Dog it will be on the later side.

Looking ahead to October, MileHiCon coincides with DASFA so there will be no meeting at the Broadway Book Mall that month. Since we won't have a meeting to discuss ideas til September, I am throwing it out now here and on the Yahoogroup: should we sponsor the con suite again, and if so, when? We have money to pay for catering/food... the key thing is to have people there to talk about the club and encourage people to come to meetings. Does late Saturday afternoon... maybe 4-6 pm?... seem like a good time? We need to decide soon if we want to reserve a particular time slot.

Yours in fandom,