August Director-y (2013 edition)

As I start writing this we are just hours away from learning who will be playing the next incarnation of The Doctor. I’ll take my time as I sort out my thoughts and finish this up with the big revelation.

I hope everyone that was able to make it to the July meeting enjoyed Kronda Seibert’s presentation ( I was unable to make it as the family was on our way back from Oklahoma to visit my in-laws for the wife’s grandfather’s 80th birthday. My understanding is the presentation went over well, even if attendance was slightly lacking. My director of vice pointed out July is a big month for vacations, so we’ll have to keep that in mind next year when planning our programing.

Mishalak has been keeping himself busy with getting events going on our meet up page ( Anyone looking to hang out with other DASFA members really should sign up for meet up and keep updated with the vice squad activities, which seem to just be getting more and more numerous at every turn.

And of course all our members should still be aware of the big DASFA geek Picnic coming up here on the 17th at Progress Park, 5200 S Huron St, Littleton. All indicators point to us having a fairly good sized crowd in attendance this year. Should be a fun time for all. If all goes well we’ll have some fun activities to keep things interesting as we all geek out.

At the start of the year Mishalak and I brought up the idea of creating a new DASFA logo. An e-mail was sent out last month showing the possible new logo that Mishalak had commissioned. Hopefully everyone has had a chance to see the logo. If you have not, email myself or Mishalak and we’ll forward the email to you. At our September meeting we will take a few minutes to discuss the new logo and give members a chance to give their opinions either way on it. Then at our November meeting we will have an actual vote on the new logo. Other possible logos can be presented at this time if we have members who have other ideas as to what they would like to see.

And the big reveal is… Peter Capaldi is going to be the 12th Doctor. Now we have to wait until the Christmas Special to see him in action.