December 2012 DASFA Director-y

This month Bruce and Sandy will again be hosting the hallowed-in-tradition DASFA Christmas Orgy. Yes, it’s that time of year again already…

The November Dead Dog at our place was fun and a number of folks showed up. Then the December Alternate was a Yuletide celebration at the Cup & Eagle (otherwise known as Mishalak Manor). There were sugarplums and baked yams, hot toddies and a goodly crowd … fun times!

In January, I will be handing the non-existent Director gavel off to Ian Brazee-Cannon. We have a full slate of folks running for office and I *believe* everyone has re-upped or joined. That will be confirmed at the meeting before we elect by acclamation and I retire to civilian fannish life. (I’ll still available for party hosting and contact info for programs if needed, though… not dropping out or going anywhere.)

Meanwhile, Ian is hitting the ground running and already has a program lined up for January!

Things hopefully will be mostly back to normal at the Broadway Book Mall by January. On Saturday, December 8, there was a most unfortunate situation involving a speeding car, a collision and a subsequent impact on the outside to the left of the main entrance. Luckily the car hit brick and was stopped before it could careen *into* the store—which could have be damaging to people as well as the store. Boards are up, the door is again lockable and they are open for holiday business and the prices are always great, so don’t forget to stop in if you have book-lovers on your shopping list!

See you at the Orgy and happy holidays!

Yours in fandom,