December Director-y (2014 edition)

If you enjoyed Sam Knight’s presentation at our November meeting I am going to question your sanity. While Sam is a very pleasant person and was looking forwards to being our guest, cold weather and a general response that most members did not wish to journey out on such a night led me to cancel the meeting. I am working with Sam to get him rescheduled for next year.

For future reference, as I know that two of our members did not get the notice and showed up to the Book Mall for the meeting, I posted the cancellation on all our social media pages (facebook, meetup, yahoo group) and it did get posted our actual webpage. In the future if the weather looks questionable, please check one of those before venturing out to a meeting. I made the call just over an hour before hand, hoping to give everyone time to check. I know Rose made a few calls for me, knowing of several members who do not use social media.

My understanding is that our members who did make it to the meeting went ahead and held elections. Tookie, Bruce and Sandy’s parrot, was elected as the new director. While I have no problem with stepping down if someone else is ready to give this gig a try, I do not believe Tookie to be a paid member of DASFA and so does not meet the only actual qualification to hold office that I am aware we have. That means we will need to do the election thing again. We do need a new Vice Director, so I am very much hoping to see someone step up and make things easy for us.

Also, without having a meeting, I am left with needing to get someone for the January Deaddog and February Alternate. That means we will have to have a quick bit o’ business at the Christmas party, unless we have some folks willing to get with me beforehand to volunteer.

I would love to report on the doings of our members, but no one sends me anything. If you have anything interesting going on, something you are involved in that you would like to promote, did something that would be fun to share, send me an e-mail. Let’s use this newsletter to promote us as a community. I have no problem writing about what is going on with me and my family, but I really would enjoy being able to share what others members of our little group are doing. As far as I know you people do have lives outside of DASFA and I am sure some of what you do in the real world would be interesting to hear about.

In the December issue of The Fifth Di… (An e-zine from Nomadic Delirium Press) you can find my story ‘The End’. This is the first issue I have been in since they changed their format in the aftermath of the closing of Sam’s Dot Publishing. The issue is only $2.00 and is a great way to support a small press out of Colorado, which is all about helping new writers get their work out there.

Of course the big event for DASFA this month is our annual Christmas party. After taking a year off, Bruce and Sandy have volunteered to resume hosting it. If you go to the Book Mall that night, you’ll find it lacking in DASFA members, although you’ll still be able to find lots of great stuff to read and maybe get some Christmas shopping done.