Director-y for April 2010

For our April program, we welcome J Alan Erwine—writer, editor, game designer and imminent groom.

J has sold more than thirty short stories to various small press publishers. Eventually J became an editor with ProMart, then with their successor company, Sam’s Dot Publishing, where he continues to work today. J also spends most of his time working as a freelance writer and editor.

His novel was voted a top ten finisher in the 2003 annual Preditors & Editors contest, and his short story The Galton Principle won a ProMart contest for best story over 5,000 words. In addition, a number of his stories have been voted “best of” in various issue of The Martian Wave and The Fifth DI… and have been included in Wondrous Web Worlds Vols. 2, 3, 4, and 6.

With Joshua Kviz, J also co-created Ephemeris, a science fiction role playing game. J has sent me some of the background materials needed to run a game, so if anyone wants to try it at the Dead Dog we can give it a whirl!

Visit J online at and come see him at the meeting!

Coming up:
May DASFA Meeting – Michael Carroll, astronomical/dinosaur artist and author, will be our speaker.

Past/Upcoming Parties & Plans

  • The April Sci Fi Film Festival Alternate at John and Bonnie’s was a lot of fun. I only made it for part of the marathon, but saw a chunk of Alien and part of Mysterious island. Go, Ray Harryhausen!
  • Dave and I are holding the May Alternate. For those who are interested, I’m planning to go to the Denver Botanic gardens in the early part of the afternoon to see the Moore in the Gardens exhibition. The Alternate will kick off around 5:30. In addition to the Pavlova I plan to make, I’m going to try to find a good/easy recipe to make shepherd’s pie. If that falls through, there’s always pizza. New Zealand pictures will be available for viewing, but not mandatory.
  • It’s been (quite) a while since it was last updated, so I’m hoping to get a new edition of the DASFA Directory out soon. I’m including a listing form below. If you have never been in and would like to be (membership not required—but always appreciated!), or if you’ve moved, changed phone/email address since last time, go ahead and turn in an update at the meeting or email it to me.

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DASFA Directory Listing Form
This information can also be sent to me electronically at … in fact, that would be easier!

Name; ____________________________________________________________________________
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