June 2012 Director-y

For the June meeting, sharpen your brains and uncap those sharpies because it's time for SF Pictionary! Those of us who feel art-challenged will have the option to be guessers instead of drawers .. though we will need a few braver souls to take up the marker.

I am waiting for confirmation of a potential program for July but it’s not definite yet.

I expect some folks will be attending part/all of the Denver Comic Con this coming weekend at the Convention Center … if anyone goes how about a brief con report at the meeting?

The Meetup I organized to go to the Da Vinci Machines Exhibition was small (Matthew and me) but fun. The exhibition is very cool—I’m sending a few pix to the editor for inclusion depending on space. There are around 50 machines on view, with some 12-15 labeled "Handle with care" so you can work them. The wormscrew to carry water was neat, and the human-powered flying and parachuting items are classics. Worth seeing, though I can't deny I was glad to get the Groupon and pay $7 instead of $14. Several Meet\up folk had rsvp’d but either they didn’t show up or we missed them somehow. Matthew suggested DASFA t-shirts or a small hand-held sign for future events.

While I wasn’t at the May meeting I *believe* Matthew mentioned that he was having a upcoming party—the July or August alternate would be my guess. Check the party list and we’ll see you at the meeting and Dead Dogs/Alternates!

Yours in fandom,