March 2010 Director-y

For the March meeting, it’s the return of Name That Sci-Fi Tune! Come to compete, or simply be amazed! Tim Simpson has kindly agreed to MC the program.

The February Dead Dog at Jim’s was a lot of fun and a fair number of people attended. I ended up in the back playing games much of the evening, but things seemed lively all over. I wasn’t able to make the alternate, but hope things went well. This month, Dave and I are hosting the Dead Dog – plan to stop by after the meeting!

And the week after DASFA it’s AnomalyCon 2 (March 23-25;

I had mentioned this at the meeting and also sent it out on the Yahoogroup. Is anyone interested in going to see Robot: The Rock Opera for the May alternate? It’s at The Bug Theatre, which is over on the northwest side of Denver (around 38th & Navajo). It’s being put on by Planet X Productions ... so it's not Denver Center for the Performing Arts caliber but I think it would be fun. More details at

If there is interest, I’ll look into the possibility of getting a group discount…I’m planning to see it.

Yours in fandom,