May 2012 DASFA Director-y

For the April meeting, Gary Jonas will be our guest. Gary is the author of the novels MODERN SORCERY (first in the Jonathan Shade series) and ONE-WAY TICKET TO MIDNIGHT as well as the short story collection QUICK SHOTS. They are available as e-books and as trade paperbacks. The second Jonathan Shade fantasy novel, ACHERON HIGHWAY, is currently scheduled for a September 2012 release. In addition to novels and stories, Gary has also written screenplays.

I am unable to attend the May meeting, but in my absence Director of Vice Rhonda has the helm.

For the May alternate, a small group of us went to Robot: The Rock Opera which was interesting, followed by a trip to Village Inn.

The May Dead Dog will be held immediately after the meeting at the Broadway Book Mall. The June Alternate will be Gail & Sourdough’s Garden Party, which traditionally starts considerably earlier than 7 p.m.

Matthew has some ideas regarding the DASFA Meetup group which he will be sharing at the meeting. In the meantime, I urge people to join the Meetup group and (if you are on Facebook) join/like the DASFA Facebook page.

Yours in fandom,