May Director-y (2013 Edition)

So here it is May already. The month started off with two great holidays that are not recognized as national holidays but should be, Free Comic Book Day (The first Saturday of May) and Star Wars day (May the 4th) falling on the same day. My family had a fun day of it hanging out at Mile High Comics and meeting Chris Claremont of X-men fame. He had some interesting insight into some of the comics he had worked on. My boys went as Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer (If you don’t know who those characters are then look them up and you will be greatly rewarded when you watch the video) in costumes that we threw together over night and plan to improve as we get ready for Denver Comic Con. To finish off the day we had a ‘few’ people over for the DASFA alternate party.

Despite the last moment change in guests for our April meeting, Nick Taylor and Chris Snelgrove did a great presentation that from all indications went over well with our little group. Feel free to go and check out their company, Dark Fire J.C. Hutchens had an important last minute meeting to go to in New York over some huge project. We’ll see about him being a guest on the future.

For our May meeting I am stepping back and letting my humble Director of Vice take over for a night. We’ll have to wait and see what Mishalak has for us. As far as I know there will be no nudity involved, but I am not positive of this.

I mentioned this at the meeting, but will put it here and most likely will bring it up at the May meeting as well, but local author/editor J. Alan Erwine is doing a Kickstarter for the Martian Wave, a small press magazine he has been connected to for some time and has now fully taken over. If you can help him out go to and pledge what you can.

That looks like about all I got for this go around with it all. Next month’s entry will most likely focus heavily on the 2nd Denver Comic Con, as that is what June will start out with and the family is going to be there.