November Director-y (2013 edition)

It looks like we survived October somehow.

I was pleased to see a good amount of DASFA members at MileHiCon. It felt like we had a good turnout in the DASFA room with a few possible new members coming by. If we decide to do this again, I have some ideas how to improve it. That being said, I do feel it was a success in helping to get the word out that our little group exists.

A big thanks to our treasurer Angela Medbary who spent several hours on Saturday standing at the end of the hall, handing out DASFA fliers and directing people to our room. We had the most people stop by and visit the room during that time. She is a true team player.
Angela would also like me to mention that people need to get with her and make sure they are caught up in their dues. I do have a list if anyone wishes to e-mail me and see if they are on it, otherwise check in with Angela at our meeting.

As this is November and this will be out last regular meeting of the year, I guess I need to talk about officers. As far as I know we only have one officer who is stepping down. Our long time secretary Sourdough Jackson has said he is ready to vacate the position. So we will need to get someone to step up and take over for him. Don’t make me use my Director of Vice to get a new secretary. He will use his powers of persuasion if needed.

In September we had a discussion about a new official DASFA logo. At MileHiCon in the DASFA room I had all the past DASFA logos on display. They are also up on our facebook page and I will be bringing them to the November meeting so we can have an official vote.

There will be a change this year in the location for our Christmas party. Bruce and Sandy had expressed that it was not going to be possible for them to host it this year as they have in the past. Our Director of Vice was able to talk Kronda Seibert into hosting (I have warned you of his powers) when she was our guest back in July. So this year our Christmas party will be hosted by Kronda and her wife Jamie.

We do have a last minute change with our Dec. Alternate. Originally Tay and Ronda were going to host. They recently got notice of street construction taking place during that time that would affect parking in the area. Chris and Meg Ward have agreed to take on the responsibility.

This month is as many know the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who with various specials taking place to build up to the 50th anniversary special on the 23rd. There will be 3D showings of the special on the 25th at various theaters around the world, with more being added every day as the showings sell out. I myself will be taking part in a Doctor Who trivia contest on the 16th in the afternoon before our regular meeting. I have been working hard at studying for the contest, although one must from time to time watch something other than Doctor Who.

For our November meeting our guests will be writers from Thursday Night Press. DASFA members Sourdough Jackson and Karen Morrissey will be heading it up. We had a sample of what to expect from Karen back in May with a brief reading before the programming.

I think that’s all I got for this month. Lots going on it seems.