November Director-y (2014 edition)

This year just keeps getting away from me. Seems like there was a whole lot happening to keep me and the family busy..

I hope everyone found Stant Latore’s presentation for last month’s meeting as enjoyable as I did. He asked if I would pass along the cover reveal for Ansible 15715

I saw lots of DASFA members at MileHiCon. As always it was an enjoyable weekend. I was on four panels myself, all of which had good crowds attending them. DASFA hosted the ConSuite for a few hours on Saturday. We ran a Tea Dueling demonstration during that time. It all went really well. Con-goers came in to snag snacks as usual, but thanks to the Tea Dueling they stayed and Angela was able to approach them and give them some information on our little organization. A big thanks to Angela for taking charge of DAFA hosting the ConSuite.

We are of course in November and the last regular meeting of the year, so we will need to do elections. As I reported last month our Vice Director Matthew has decided it is time to step down. That means we will need someone to step up to replace him. I would do it, but that might cause a different problem. So I am hoping to see someone take up the position without me having to push the issue.

November is also National Novel Writing Month. The idea is to get writers to spend some time every day of November to write so many words so that at the end of the month they will have a 50,000 word rough draft of a novel written. I know several local authors who are participating. One of these years I need to get my act together and take part in it myself. It is clearly a good exercise is discipline that writers need to learn.

We also have our annual Christmas party to get ready for. After taking a year off, Bruce and Sandy have volunteered to resume hosting it. I think everyone knows the location.

At the beginning of October my boys and I got drafted in to working on a short film for the Colchester Film Festival 60 Hour Film Contest. You can see our teams’ entry here: and the alternate cut I put together here: .

This year was the first time that the big 16th Street Mall Zombie Crawl was not on the same weekend as MileHiCon. My family was able to make it for once. We went as Steampunk Zombie Hunters. Once more the event drew record numbers. The mall was packed with lots of great costumes everywhere you turned.

I am once more unable to announce a guest for out meeting as I write this. For whatever reasons things are just not falling into place. I will make sure to announce the guest on the various DASFA social media as soon as I have one lined up.