September Director-y (2013 edition)

Here we are in September now, this year is just cruising by. Hopefully everyone who showed up for the Geek Picnic last month enjoyed themselves. We had a good turnout of regular members. We had hoped to get some new and potential members there, but we just need to keep trying.

The Hugos were awarded. Redshirts by John Scalzi won for best novel. It was a fun read and apparently a parody of some old science fiction programming that I don’t think anyone remembers.

At the Dead Dog party we talked about what to do at MileHiCon this year. It looks like we are going to rent a room this year and have our own programming going on in there. If you have an idea of what you’d like to spend an hour or two doing in the DASFA room get those ideas to me and we’ll start putting some kind of schedule together. Ideally we will have something going on in there regularly throughout Saturday and Sunday. More details to come.

One thing I am thinking of having there is a board with ideas for future DASFA programming. I’ll put up a list of ideas I have for this next year and anyone can add to it with what they would like to see as well as allowing local authors to express interest in being guests. I am hoping this will get people to give some input as to what they would like to see us do in the future.

We will be starting this month’s meeting off with a discussion about the possible new logo. If you’ve not seen it yet, contact me or Mishalak and we will get you a copy of it. This month we will have a short talk about it and then have an actual vote at the November meeting.

Originally we were going to have the authors from Thursday Night Press, several of which are long time DASFA members, as our guests. There were a few scheduling issues that popped up, I was able to get David Boop to take over and rescheduled Thursday Night Press for the November meeting.

We have been informed that long time DASFA secretary Sourdough Jackson is stepping down at the end of the year. Hopefully there is someone brave and worthy enough to step up and fill his shoes. Or I can just let my director of vice loose on you all. He has great powers to get people to become officers in DASFA and do his bidding. Let us hope he never uses these powers for evil.