DASFA Challenge: SciFi/Fantasy Settings near Denver

DASFA - I challenge DASFA to name at least 100 books, stories, TV shows, and movies that have been set in DASFA Country (DC). How do we define DC? Where are you now?

You can respond on the Yahoo group, the DASFA Facebook, dasfa.org, or jim_crawford@aupsd.com. We will eventually post the results on a map at dasfa.org. For now, I have an example at my old (dead) site (Please let me know if you have trouble with this)

You get points for your answers, much like the old TV series "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" I will compile (make up) the points just like Drew Carey.

There are only three rules (listed below):

1. It must have a scifi/fantasy element. C'mon, we're DASFA.
2. At least one scene in the story has to be set in DC. "The Prestige" counts because a scene was set in Tesla's Lab, even though it wasn't filmed there. A minor scene in "American Gods" takes place in Boulder, and it counts.
3. I get points for anything mentioned in this post. Ha!

Multiple scenes count, but you get less points for them. For example, "Sleeper" was filmed at the Botanic Gardens, the Sculptured House, the Mile High Church of Religious Science, NREL, and the parking garage at Cinderella City.

You get points for each of these:
Your comment about the work (postable to the map) or a quote

Double points:
Good location, within a block or two

5x points
Short story
A quote that mentions a Colorado place

x10 points
If at least 3 DASFA members agree that a response is really cool.
Any response on dasfa.org.

If you want\deserve points for anything else, just say "I get x points for x!" If you can get even one poster to agree, you get the points.