DASFA Meeting Programming and DASFAx Articles 2009-2011

Monthly meetings and a monthly fanzine-style newsletter have always been central to the identity of DASFA. The table below lists the programs for all of the DASFA meetings from March 2009 to the present. We bring in guest speakers for most of the meetings, with the exceptions of the summer picnic and the Christmas party.

The list also includes feature articles included in the newsletter ("DASFAx") each month. Besides the articles, DASFAx contains artwork, club news, and a schedule of local literary events. It is currently emailed to members in PDF format.

Date Program Guest or MC DASFAx Articles DASFAx Writer
Sep-11 Author John Stith    
Aug-11 Picnic DASFA That Old Science Fiction: Hugos There? Sourdough Jackson
Jul-11 Mars Rover Missions Dr. Steven Lee That Old Science Fiction: The Hermit of Hagerstown Sourdough Jackson
Jul-11     Book Reviews Fred Cleaver
Jun-11 Author Connie Willis That Old Science Fiction: One Fan and the Mule Sourdough Jackson
May-11 Author, Editor Steve and Melanie Tem John W. Campbell, Astounding Editor Sourdough Jackson
May-11     Book Reviews Fred Cleaver
Apr-11 Author, Journalist Todd Neff That Old Science Fiction:
John W. Campbell, Amazing Author
Sourdough Jackson
Mar-11 Artist, Author, Paleontologist Gary Raham That Old Science Fiction:
Ace Double Your Fun
Sourdough Jackson
Mar-11     Book Reviews Fred Cleaver
Feb-11 Author Ed Bryant That Old Science Fiction: Hospital Station Sourdough Jackson
Feb-11     Ivan’s Space: What in the H___ is an X-16? Ivan Geisler
Jan-11 Author Carol Berg That Old Science Fiction: Jack Williamson Revisited Sourdough Jackson
Jan-11     Book Reviews Fred Cleaver
Dec-10 Christmas Party DASFA That Old Science Fiction: If Sourdough Jackson
Dec-10     Book Reviews Fred Cleaver
Nov-10 SF Trivia Rose Beetem That Old Science Fiction: JFK and If Sourdough Jackson
Nov-10     Book Reviews Fred Cleaver
Oct-10 Author, Artist, Editor Laura Givens That Old Science Fiction: The Early SF of Lester del Rey Sourdough Jackson
Sep-10 Author Connie Willis That Old Science Fiction: The Heinlein Biography Sourdough Jackson
Sep-10     Book Reviews Fred Cleaver
Aug-10 Picnic DASFA That Old Science Fiction: Commando Cody (and Other Boxes of Serial) Sourdough Jackson
Aug-10     Book Reviews Fred Cleaver
Aug-10     Ivan’s Space: The First War of Physics Ivan Geisler
Jul-10 Author Mario Acevedo and Jeanne Stein That Old Science Fiction: Eric Frank Russell Sourdough Jackson
Jul-10     Ivan’s Space: Stargazing From Another Planet Ivan Geisler
Jun-10 SF NameThat Tune Rose Beetem Book Reviews Fred Cleaver
May-10 Artist Michael Carroll That Old Science Fiction: A Visit to Grand Fenwick Sourdough Jackson
May-10     Ivan’s Space: X Marks the Spot Ivan Geisler
Apr-10 Author, Editor, Game Designer  J. Alan Erwine That Old Science Fiction: Rod McBan and Old North Australia Sourdough Jackson
Mar-10 Author Carrie Vaughn That Old Science Fiction: Cordwainer Smith and the Rediscovery of Man Sourdough Jackson
Mar-10     Ivan’s Space:In Search of the Lunar Phi φ Ivan Geisler
Mar-10     Book Reviews Fred Cleaver
Feb-10 Author Sarah A. Hoyt and Daniel M. Hoyt That Old Science Fiction: Duplicators, Enchanted and Otherwise Sourdough Jackson
Feb-10     Ivan’s Space:The Forever Solar Minimum is Ending Ivan Geisler
Feb-10     Book Reviews Fred Cleaver
Jan-10 Author Robin D. Owens That Old Science Fiction: The Early Williamson Sourdough Jackson
Jan-10     Ivan’s Space:Orion’s “S” and Other Neat Sky Stuff Ivan Geisler
Dec-09 Christmas Party DASFA Ivan’s Space: The Dragon’s Breath Star Ivan Geisler
Dec-09     Book Reviews Fred Cleaver
Nov-09 Author Laura E. Reeve    
Oct-09 Author, biomedical researcher Daniel Dvorkin That Old Science Fiction: The Rim of Space Sourdough Jackson
Oct-09     Book Reviews Fred Cleaver
Sep-09 Author Mario Acevedo That Old Science Fiction: James Blish and the Grapes of Wrath Sourdough Jackson
Sep-09     Ivan’s Space: How to Photograph an Atomic Bomb Ivan Geisler
Aug-09 Picnic DASFA That Old Science Fiction: The Gollden Gallaxy Sourdough Jackson
Aug-09     Book Reviews Fred Cleaver
Jul-09 Author Alistair Mayer and James van Pelt That Old Science Fiction: The Futuriian Sociiety Sourdough Jackson
Jul-09     Ivan’s Space: When Is a Globular Cluster Not a Globular Cluster? Ivan Geisler
Jun-09 Author and Editor David Riley    
May-09 Author David Boop That Old Science Fiction: Burroughs of Barsoom II Sourdough Jackson
May-09     Ivan’s Space: Orbital Telescopes Ivan Geisler
May-09     Book Reviews Fred Cleaver
Apr-09 Trivia Bowl Paul Ciszek and Annette Stroud    
Mar-09 "Ironheart" panel Annette Stroud, Bettina Harmon, Angie Thomson, and Jonathan Litten