Hugo Award Nominations have been Announced!

The Hugo Awards for 2012, which will be given out at Chicon 7, have had their nominations released. I could list the whole thing here, but it seems a bit of a mistake to, when the site for the Hugos will have all the details and will be updated in case of some minor error. But, I did have a few thoughts on them, which I thought I'd share.

On the Best Novel front, I'm not surprised by the presence of George R. R. Martin's latest GoT novel, or by China Miéville's latest novel, but I am a little surprised to see Mira Grant's Deadline, the sequel to her Feed, which was nominated for the Hugo last year. I hadn't really heard much about Deadline, and although I enjoyed reading Feed last year, I can't say I really felt like it was Hugo material. Has anyone read Deadline and want to share their opinions?

Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form seems a bit uneven to me: Captain America, the entire first season of Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, Hugo, and Source code... the last one I didn't even remember very well, so I looked it up on IMDB. I've got to say my immediate feeling is that Game of Thrones is going to win this one, but I've got to say it'd be cute if Hugo won the Hugo award.

Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form, is likely to cause some discussion of the need for such an award this year, as we have three episodes of Doctor Who up for an award, an episode of Community, and the recorded acceptance of The Drink Tank winning the fanzine award last year, which folks may remember was a fun thing to see. It's an odd mix, and one wishes that folks hadn't nominated so many episodes of Doctor Who without including something else - although I'm not sure what else.

Have a look and start reading if you're up for voting this year!