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Oct 4 2010

Lifted from a blog post at File 770:

Ansible’s list of 3500+ subscribers has been killed by its university host.

People wondering why the October issue had not hit their inbox found this explanation posted at Ansible’s online home:

Please note that the usual emailed version has not been sent out, because some hidden hand has pulled the plug on the long-established Ansible mailing list server. New arrangements will be investigated.

September 2010 Director-y

Our September meeting will feature the musical stylings ….wait a minute—the comedic prowess … true, but not really relevant. Let’s try again.

Hugo Winners 2010

Cheerfully copied from the blog post at www.thehugoawards.org:

Presented at: Aussiecon 4, Melbourne, Australia, September 2-6, 2010

Something Wicked This Way Comes Stage Production October 1st 2010

Sep 5 2010

OK I found this doing some research for the Aurora Fox Theatre who is doing a live stage version of Something Wicked opening this October 1st. (Because October is a rare month for boys.) Our director even got to meet and talk to Mr. Bradburry about our production right around his brithday.

Orbit Books' "The Charts of Fantasy Art: 2009"

The folks at Orbit Books have gone over Fantasy art covers and made a series of fantastic charts out of them.

  1. Trends in Fantasy Cover Art shows the differences between art between 2008 and 2009.
  2. Changing Fashion in Urban Fantasy Heroines shows how the female protagonists are dressed and posed this year, again in comparison to last year.

August 2010 DASFA Director-y

It’s time for the August picnic, this year at Progress Park in Littleton. There should be a map elsewhere in this month’s DASFAx, but the address is 5100 S. Hickory St. There apparently is a grill available, so check around and bring charcoal and tongs, etc., if you want to cook. I’m likely to bring pre-made food, but then I’m lazy efficient … and I’ll probably also haul along a couple of Frisbees for low-key physicality.

Ray Bradbury Birthday Greetings Wanted

Received from the web:

Hi, there.

When I was about 12 years old, I bought a hardbound book with my own money for the first time. That book was Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes, a dark fantasy about youth and coming of age, about yearning for the impossible, and about good versus evil and how the latter could seize and destroy you if you yearned for too much. After finishing that book 47 years ago, I was hooked on reading (and dark fantasy) for the rest of my life.

July 2010 Director-y

Don’t miss our July program—double the authors, double the fun with Mario Acevedo and Jeanne Stein. Jeanne’s series about Anna Strong, the vampire bounty hunter, is now six books long with the upcoming release of Chosen. Mario’s vampire detective, Felix Gomez, has starred in 5 books and now is appearing in a graphic novel series. Expect a program with some bite to it as these two vampire-loving novelists speak.

Picture of the Aurora Austrialis--taken from the *outside*

June 2010 Director-y

Our June program will be a fun and interactive reprise of Name that Sci-Fi Tune with host Tim Simpson. Come compete or simply watch and be amazed and amused! What with one thing and another, I am almost certainly not going to be able to attend the meeting, but director of vice Paul will stand in for me.

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