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June 2010 Director-y

Our June program will be a fun and interactive reprise of Name that Sci-Fi Tune with host Tim Simpson. Come compete or simply watch and be amazed and amused! What with one thing and another, I am almost certainly not going to be able to attend the meeting, but director of vice Paul will stand in for me.

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Saving J Erwine & Rebecca's honeymoon

A number of you were at the last DASFA meeting and met/heard J Erwine, imminent groom. He recently posted on his blog that due to various financial reverses the family had had (doctor visits for the girls, etc.), he and Rebecca were cancelling their honeymoon in Taos.

Then he posted that his publisher, Sam's Dot, was trying to help them raise the money for them to go on their honeymoon.

If you're interested in donating a few bucks, you can visit the website (which takes Paypal) at


Director-y for April 2010

For our April program, we welcome J Alan Erwine—writer, editor, game designer and imminent groom.

J has sold more than thirty short stories to various small press publishers. Eventually J became an editor with ProMart, then with their successor company, Sam’s Dot Publishing, where he continues to work today. J also spends most of his time working as a freelance writer and editor.

Director-y for March 2010

For our March program, we welcome New York Times best-selling author Carrie Vaughn. The seventh book in her popular Kitty Norville series, Kitty’s House of Horrors, was released in January. Her first young adult novel, Voices of Dragons, will be released this month. In addition to her always-worth-reading prose, if you’ve seen Carrie and the Midnight Hour program at MileHiCon (and you really should have!), you know what an entertaining speaker she is. This is definitely a program not to miss!