Director's blog

September Director-y (2013 edition)

Here we are in September now, this year is just cruising by. Hopefully everyone who showed up for the Geek Picnic last month enjoyed themselves. We had a good turnout of regular members. We had hoped to get some new and potential members there, but we just need to keep trying.

The Hugos were awarded. Redshirts by John Scalzi won for best novel. It was a fun read and apparently a parody of some old science fiction programming that I don’t think anyone remembers.

August Director-y (2013 edition)

As I start writing this we are just hours away from learning who will be playing the next incarnation of The Doctor. I’ll take my time as I sort out my thoughts and finish this up with the big revelation.

July Director-y (2013 edition)

Just found out that HBO will be adapting Neil Gaiman’s American Gods into a six season show. My guess is they are going to explore that universe well beyond the two books we have set in it. Not sure if anything else need be said on that topic at this time.

Hope everyone enjoyed Stan Yan’s trip through his life as an artist. I always find it interesting when someone who makes it as an artist starts off not thinking of that as a career.

June Director-y (2013 edition)

I hope everyone enjoyed our Vice Director’s beta test of his game for our last meeting. He is hoping to smooth out the rules and have it ready for MileHiCon this year. So if you have any recommendations on how he can improve the game I am sure he would appreciate it.

May Director-y (2013 Edition)

So here it is May already. The month started off with two great holidays that are not recognized as national holidays but should be, Free Comic Book Day (The first Saturday of May) and Star Wars day (May the 4th) falling on the same day. My family had a fun day of it hanging out at Mile High Comics and meeting Chris Claremont of X-men fame. He had some interesting insight into some of the comics he had worked on. My boys went as Dr.

March Director-y (2013 edition)

So now I see this Director of DASFA gig is a learning experience. Why was I not told of this when I was tricked into volunteering? Somehow things do not always go as planned making it so there are times we need to work on the fly to keep things going. There is actual work involved in doing this director thing.

At our February meeting our guest for the night, Kronda Seibert, was a no show. As it turns out she had been given the correct date but somehow got it in her mind the meeting was week later. A simple mistake that we have all made at times, so it is easily forgiven.

February 2013 Director-y

Greetings one and all. As the new Grand High Director Potentate Supreme of DASFA for Life or until I step down or am voted out, my understanding is that I am expected to write a little article every month for your entertainment. As this is the first of these articles for me to write, I shall start off by thanking you all for allowing me this chance. This position will help me to recruit forces to combat and soon destroy the infidels.

December 2012 DASFA Director-y

This month Bruce and Sandy will again be hosting the hallowed-in-tradition DASFA Christmas Orgy. Yes, it’s that time of year again already…

The November Dead Dog at our place was fun and a number of folks showed up. Then the December Alternate was a Yuletide celebration at the Cup & Eagle (otherwise known as Mishalak Manor). There were sugarplums and baked yams, hot toddies and a goodly crowd … fun times!

November 2012 DASFA Director-y

After a full weekend of fannish fun at MileHiCon, we’re back to regular meetings. I trust you all had a good time at the con and am always interested to know what people did, what programming they attended and liked, and any ideas they have for next year. We have two Guests of Honor lined up so far--author, filker and Hugo-winning podcaster Seanan McGuire and writer and also Hugo Award-winning podcaster Catherynne M. Valente . (They both are involved with The SF Squeecast.) And New Mexico author and physicist Ian Tregillis will be our toastmaster.

October 2012 Director-y

I’m sure everybody remembers that we are not having the regular DASFA meeting this month because we will be at MileHiCon! At the Hyatt Regency DTC October 19-21, we have a full lineup with guests of honor Cherie Priest, CJ Henderson, Steve Brust, artist Stephen Hickman and toastmaster Stephen Graham Jones. Programming starts at 3 pm Friday, so if you can get off work early, do it! The full schedule is up on the con website ( for your perusal and planning purposes.